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Sustainability ratings for all companies in the world

In this era we live in today, responsible investing becomes crucial

The world is facing challenges such as climate change and growing inequality.

These challenges are threatening the stability and  long-term habitability of our Planet. Ignoring environmental and social issues is not only bad for the Planet and its population but can be devastating to economic prosperity and growth.

Increasingly, businesses and investors aim to participate meaningfully in advancing solutions to solving these global challenges.

To tackle these urgent challenges, a change to a sustainable society is needed where all companies have a positive impact

Investors play an essential role in this transition by investing in financial, social, and ecological profitable companies

Not only from a moral perspective but also to reduce risks associated with adverse sustainability impact. Various stakeholders and governments are demanding financially profitable investments while achieving positive social and ecological impact.

The problem

The sustainability performance of a company is rarely visible

Blended Values offers guidance in making sustainability performance visible for investors


The solutions we offer:

Define what your investor profile is – sustainability appetite

Your preferences on sustainability topics are outlined in the model. The outcome is your sustainability appetite presented in a unique spiderweb. You can use the profile as a starting point to integrate sustainability in your investment assessment.

Scan and rate your existing investments

Based on the model, individual existing portfolio companies are rated. Each company gets its dedicated rating and spider web. The combined scores give a total portfolio score.

Scan potential investments – perform sustainability due diligence

The sustainability due diligence gives insights in a companies’ current sustainability performance. The results can be used when deciding if an investments fits your sustainability decision criteria.

Define improvement plans and 100-day plans reflecting your profile

The sustainability due diligence gives insights in a companies current sustainability performance. The results can be used when deciding if an investments fits your sustainability decision criteria or as a starting point to define improvement plans.

Prepare internal and external Reporting

Blended Values gives you the possibility to easily report and communicate your progress on sustainability. Besides, it gives the possibility to become compliant with (future) rules and regulations concerning sustainability. Amongst them, SFDR reporting.

A few examples of how the solutions can help you:


Gain insights on sustainability performance of your (potential) investments


Compare investments on sustainability performance


Integrate sustainability in your investment process


Reporting and communication of the sustainability performance of your portfolio


Road to SFDR compliance

The model

The Blended Values Model consists of 10 categories, resulting in an easy-to-understand score and spiderweb

The model makes use of the most relevant impact categories. Based on different underlying indicators, the model calculates the outcomes of the 10 categories. The result is presented in a single rating and a spiderweb reflecting the companies impact on the Planet and society.

As an investor, the scores are a perfect opportunity to integrate into your investment assessment and management of your portfolio.

Learn more about our vision on sustainability

Nowadays, there are many definitions for sustainability used. At Blended Values, we believe sustainability is part of a system and cannot be isolated. 

Therefore we use the following definition to define an ideal sustainable world:

In a sustainable world, societies are powered by renewable energy and closed-loop material systems, living in thriving ecosystems, on a biodiverse planet, with healthy and happy individuals living in just, tolerant, and diverse cultures, supported by open and transparent economies.

Companies play a role in this system as well. In this ideal world companies …

have the capacity to withstand disturbances

are centered around social justice and equity

have a high level of independence


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